Business Unit

Materials and Metal Products Department

Saving Environment and Depleting Resources Presenting the value of Environment Protection by means of re-cycle and reuse of ferrous and non-ferrous resources to our local and overseas customers.Raw materials of ferrous scraps, aluminum scraps and ingots and related subsidiary materials used for production of metal products at Topy group companies as well as many leading metal product manufacturers worldwide.

Steel and Construction Materials Department

Procurement and sales of materials in the variety of round steel bars, steel shapes, doors, sashes, forming staffs, top-light and outside decorative materials required for constructing office buildings, condominium and factories as well as designing, fabricating and constructing Also sales of materials related with civil engineering including Tunnel Support H beams, Lock Bolt, Arch Invert from Topy Group Companies.

Industrial Machinery Department

Any and all types of machinery and equipment for manufacturing, office, shop and residence such as industrial machinery, electric equipment, mechanical parts, office furniture, security products, fire guard products including plumbing, installation and wiring and maintenance.

Construction Equipment Parts Department

Construction Machinery Parts Undercarriage parts and components for Dozers and Excavators produced at Topy manufacturing facilities in U.S.A., China and Japan as well, enjoying top rated market share in the local market.

Precision Products Parts We provide customers with the fastening products that have turned various customer needs into specific visual forms as required in industrial and electronics products centering on automotive and construction equipment industry. Industrial fasteners, depending on its specific applications, are processed with precision manufacturing systems including press, forming, machining and other sophisticated processes by utilizing optimum designing and production (VE/VA) methods as well as through QCD control. In addition to the above usage, the precision department is also engaged in the sales to green house related products, another niche market for fasteners.

Automotive Parts and Accessories Department

Reliable Topy Brand Wheel As the sales and marketing arm for Topy Industries, Ltd., one of the largest and leading automotive wheel manufacturers, we offer to the market places all kinds of wheel for any models of vehicle from passenger cars, mini-passenger cars, pick-up trucks, heavy duty trucks, busses, folk lifts, industrial vehicles and off-the-road equipments.We are always responding properly to varying customers' needs by serving through multi sales networks of 13 direct sales offices, tire dealers, car dealers and parts and accessories shops.

Topy brand wheels are also sold and distributed through our domestic and U.S.A. business offices in North America, Europe, Southeast Asia and other world market places.

Facilities Products Department

Providing a total office solution With a keyword “Office Solution”, we are ready to make a packaged proposal for facility management related to the office requirements. We would be happy to respond to any problems and requirements that you may have with your offices.