Topy Enterprises, Limited is committed to be a company that can fulfill customer requirements to the maximum.
Corporate philosophy
Topy Enterprises, an organization fully equipped with profound expertise, professional competence and global perspective, is dedicated to provide customers and market with goods and cervices of the finest quality to establish assurance and confidence in our performance. At the same time, the company endeavors to make continued advances while contributing to the society as a primary trading arm of Topy Industries Group companies.
Since its foundation, Topy group has been associated with the lives of many people and the society with its versatile products and services, a driving force of which come from a dream cherishing what to be sought for and what to be accomplished. Topy’s business domains continue to expand with its operation channels diversified as our dreams grow in numbers and vastnesses.
With such dreams as a propelling power Topy Enterprises further sharpens its information stock and network acquired from past operations aiming to become a company beyond the image of a conventional trading company by incorporating various organizing functions to make additional contributions to the society.
In order to provide customers with quality information and products we will beef up nurturing human resources of the corporate staff through continuous enhancement of their potentials. We will be involved to improve work environment for the staffers to produce better performance in good spirits and with vigor.
We would appreciate your continued support and encouragement.
Sincerely yours
Shinichi Kijima
President, Topy Enterprises, Limited